Aphantopus hyperantus f. arete (MÜLLER)

Ringlet, form arete

arete.JPG (65152 Byte)
Photo © by Mario Maier. Aphantopus hyperantus f. arete, June 1990, Lange Meile / Bavaria


pointer.gif (1285 Byte) Family: Satyridae
Subfamily: Satyrinae
plate arete

The picture displays a deviant form. The normally yellow-bordered eye-spots on the uppersides of the wings are almost completely missing; only on the undersides the white cores of the spots are visible. Deviant forms occur regularly and are usually linked with climatic variables. Sometimes they are caused by genetic disorders.

Flight period:
One brood from June to August.

Larval host plants:
Many kinds of grass.

Red List Germany: --

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