Erebia tyndarus (ESPER, 1781)

Swiss Brassy Ringlet

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Photo © by Mario Maier. Erebia tyndarus, August 1988, Meran 2000 / Italy


pointer.gif (1285 Byte) Family: Satyridae
Subfamily: Satyrinae
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Erebia tyndarus can easily be confounded with two other species: Erebia cassioides and Erebia nivalis. The following list of differences may be helpful though not always conclusive:

  Erebia cassioides Erebia nivalis Erebia tyndarus
Shape of the wings: Apex pointed Apex round Apex pointed
Upperside fore-wings
Reddish-brown pattern: small sized two of the spots extend to the central cell spots are parallel and are connected
Eye-spots: usually large, coherent, cores always white small, incoherent, cores always white usually small, cores not always white, sometimes missing
Underside hind-wings
Color of male: grey grey to greyish-blue grey to dark grey
Color of female: grey to yellowish-grey brownish grey, veins yellowish-grey grey to brownish-grey, veins varying

Source: Tagfalter und ihre Lebensräume by Schweizerischer Bund für Naturschutz.

Flight period:
On brood from July to August.

Larval host plants:
Festuca ovina, Nardus stricta.

Red List Germany: ?

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